Colours in mandalas

Autor: Zuzana Řezáčová Lukášková, zveřejněno 29. 10. 2018

Colours, they surround us everywhere and they are wearers of many information. So the colours you put into a mandala are telling a lot about you.

Colours, they surround us everyvhere and they are wearers of many information. So the colours you put into a mandala are telling a lot about you. As a meaning of a colour is also given  by a personal experience of each person, it is not possible to consider their general meanings as the only true doctrine. For this reason we provide a guide how to establish your own personal „Interpretative Dictionary“ with the assistance of the exercise – personal meaning of colours.

You may establish your Dictionary of Emotions in a very similar way (see the free sample lesson) and through this exercise achieve better understanding to your drawings.

This text is based on your answers (and it has been kept updated). It was enriched by knowledge asserted in Drawing Mandalas, 85 uklidňujících předloh (S. Wuillement a A. A. Cavelius, Knižní klub). 

Red (colour of a physical body)

positive: warm, fire, love, passsion, energy, heart, life energy, flow of life, temperament, enthusiasm, sensuality, conquering, courage, assertiveness, self-confidence and self-trust, activity, courage and will, new life – sex, base, mystery, grounding, femine, support of the Earth, endurance, independence, optimisms, carefulness, hyperactivity, grounding, hot, warm, the colour of flames and Holy Ghost, enthusiams, joy, winning, revolution, timidity, action, power, change, pulse, beauty, impetuousness, temperament, blood, heart, corn poppy, hot summer sun, activity, provocativenes, seductiveness, devotion, self-assureness, not bringing to a standstill when a task has been started, problem solutions, new goals, fruit, the colour of summer, bodily sensation, attention attracting, bricks, ground, red sun, hot, merriness, power, red fruit (strawberry, raspberry, cherry, apple, cranberry)

negative: aggression, danger, betrayal, fight, peril, heat, fury, distinction, irritation, speeded up pulse and blood pressure, annoyance, nervousness leading to a fight preparation, violence, provocation, pain, struggle, stress, hate, carnality, wrath, fire, hyperactivity, restlessness, disruption, hot temper, aggressiveness, fright, outrage, ache, suffering, drama

Orange (colour of emotions)

positive: energy, warm, fire, life, security, contentment, joy, ambitiousness, pleasure from touch, activity, tenderness, openness, courage, power, heartiness, youthfulness, healthiness, self-conficence, communicativeness, determination, warmth, reproduction, belief, immunity strenghtening, pilot colour, power mobilization, extroversion, gaminess, self-control, vitality, intuition, get ready, action, friendship, safety, invitation, acid, desert, birth of something new, sun rise, vigour, zeal, movement, home, cosiness, fun, happiness, smell of marigold, sunset, feeling well, heat, warm, closeness, optimism, relaxation, pace, compactness, reflection, evaluation, softness, emotion, Christmas, Africa, desire to live, the midpoint of a sunflower, delicacy, fire, satisfaction

negative: addiction, warning, notice, problem, anger, sharpness, llightheartedness, desire to  fulfilment, shock, depression, abusing, watch out, destroying power, sureness and boredom, treacherousness

Yellow (colour of thinking)

positive: the Sun, spring, happiness, hope, glow (also the light inside you), brightness, switching on, light, heat and warm giving flowing energy, birth of something new, solar power, awakening, birth, family, pace, start, inflow of energy, wilderness, hugs, healing, freshness, gold, warm, enlightment, development, liberation, wisdom, intellect, imagination, spirit of enterprise, desire to be free, warmth, skin, partnership, knowledge, learning, hilarity and companionship, left brain hemisphere, father, friendliness, sensibility, nature, intelligence, honey, field, wheat, vasp, summer, a nice summer bath, well-being, blossom, dundelions, joy, positive energy, power, optimisms, life, space, recharging, directing energy to a place where it is needed, brightening colour, colour of spring but also a colour that makes the autumn warmer, catharsis, field of sunflowers, awake, vitality. Yellow  also provokes and opens emotions, gives further sense to other colours and as I noticed – yellow is the most frequent colour of montane plants.

negative: fear of restriction, superficiality, acidity, envy, sebepřeceňování, claustrophobia, hate, warning, jealousy, digestation problems, danger, sharpness, exhaustion, teasing, impetuosity, bloody-mindedness, ire, stagnation, cold

Green (colour of pace and growth)

positive: live, nature, basis, beginning of everything, freshness, power of nature, hope, optimism, new tint, delight, new hope, forest, help, pace, grass, spring, smile, having a rest, patting, feeling well, growth, love, relaxation, breathing time, contemplation, harmony, concentration, viridity, spontaneity, power of will, steadiness, balance, wholeness, earnestness, tenaciousness, purposefulness, integrity, good body condition, meadow, personal space, breathing, remote places, heart, creativity, aeration, peace, islam, support of  nerve system, lull, regeneration, deep healing, purity, freshness of youth, develoopment, grounding, money, sensibility, rustling, tickling, silence, joy of life, reposing, trees, moving forward, doing something good for you, joy and pace of your mind, smell of a meadow, dry hay, spring, ease, inactivity, harmony, perceptiveness, beauty, revival, hope and harmony with nature, relaxation, meditation, endeavour, neatness, sense of something new, childhood, smell after rain, helplessness, trust, taste of lavender drops, bringing yourself to a standstill, self-awarness and realizing your thoughts, needles, moisture, energy that brings you back to life, flame appeasing energy, getting younger, stimulea to travel, vitality 

negative: ambitiousness, dishonesty, urge to power, restriction, military service, fear, contrast

Blue (colour of love)

positive: heaven, the see, being fresh, relaxation, recreation, teaching, education, forget-me nots, cornflowers, indefinite horizon, mystery, sky, hlava v oblacích, flying, dreaming, thoughts trasmission, communication, distance, stillness, winter, room,  dreaming, depth, certainty, balance, resignation, peacefulness, peace, cradling, rest, freedom, unlimitedness, desire, idealism, generousity, sensibility, patience, forgiveness, neck, understanding, religion, mothernal care, sky, mirror of your heart, satisfaction, happiness, harmony, water, air, neatness, lull, brightness, certainty, respectability, moderation, kindness, delicacy, optimisms, effortless, river surface, calming feelings, warm, cleansing, harmony, understanding, contentment, harmony, summer, feeling fresh, life, right way, understanding, wisdom, problem solution, getting eased, consonancy, friendship, air, night, lake

negative: chilliness, emptiness, boredom, flaccidity, naiveness, conservativeness, dutties introspection, stagnation, melancholy, become only a fly on the wall , resignation, pride, fear

Purple (colour of aspiration and desires)

positive: lull, pace (even falling asleep), mystery, equalization, spring flowers, elegance, wisdom, individuality, energy, spirituality, protection, beauty, ideas, inteligence of the universe, nobility, connection with the world intellingence, mysticism, leadership, meditation, sprirituality, magic, change, inspiration, unification of contrasts, emotional constancy, individualisms, mystery, transformation, natal home, repentance, returning home, enigma, immersing into the inner self, fascination, nice smell, patting, ponderation, questions, interiority, my personal depths, breathing, freshness, indefinity, universe, sunset, wisdom, downiness, ceasing, thinking, any nice feelings, relaxing, mystery, challenge, beauty, feminity, musing, rumination, contentedness, peaceful state of your soul, desire, self enjoyment, sweet teeth, lightness, lavender, mountain, realization, journey, blueberry, 

negative: artificiality, sorrow, ambivalency, grief, withdraw, distress, melancholy, restraining, propitiation, resignation, averting, antipathy, tendency to neurosis, fear of extinction, scare, caution, nostalgy, darkness, coldness, anxiety, frigidity and  firmness, shalowness, acting just for an  effect, emotional arbitrariness, instability, headaches, unknowing, arrogance

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